Cleansing Your Crystals

There are a whole bunch of ways to cleanse your crystals, here are some of my favourite:

MOVING WATER Holding your crystals in the ocean or a river is a lovely way to cleanse your crystals. Be sure they are NOT water-soluble (ie. Selenite), and that you have a good grip on them!

SELENITE Placing your crystals on or by a piece of selenite is a really simple way to cleanse them! Selenite dishes are great for tumbles!

SMOKE Holding your stones in the smoke of burning sage, Palo Santo, or bay leaf. You can burn your chosen organic in a small dish or abalone shell and waft the smoke over your stones with a feather or your hand.

MOONLIGHT place your crystals on a dish in the moonlight, make sure to collect them before the sun is bright as some crystals fade in sunlight