Green Moss Agate, Black Network Jasper, Lava

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This hand knotted Mala is made with 8mm green moss agate, black network jasper, and lava counter beads in the Zen Mala pattern. It features a green moss agate angel/dove guru bead.

Green moss agate is associated with Virgo and the Heart Chakra. Stone of prosperity, abundance, success, healing, restoration, creativity. Strength. Helps develop new friendships and to find a compatible lover. New beginnings. Promotes self-expression, communication, and self-esteem. Helps with fear, stress, depression, balancing emotions. Believed to speed up recovery from illness, and help the circulatory system, infections, colds, flu, fungal and skin infections, fever. Known as the “Midwives stone” as it believed to ensure a healthy pregnancy and aid in lowering pain while ensuring a safe delivery.

Black network jasper is a stone of calm. It gives the wearer emotional strength, courage, and self-confidence. A stone of inner stability, it helps balance positive and negative energies and helps to increase concentration and clarity.